Diabetic vascular lesions in lower limbs and feet in regression with melatonin and autohemotherapy

A and G are the initials of a female eighty-eight-year-old diabetic patient, my client, whom I have been following at home for about 10 years. The blood vessel impairment resulting from diabetes have contributed for years to the onset of renal insufficiency and, recently, of trophic and necrotic lesions in the lower limbs and some of the toes, with nocturnal pain, insomnia and rapid impairment of general health conditions. All the therapies gradually practised, even those prescribed by specialists, had proved ineffective.

In this absence of therapeutic prospects, in which the only remedy for the progression towards gangrene seemed to be amputation, at the beginning of May 2022I proposed and implemented a treatment based on the use of melatonin and autohemotherapy, as well as substances potentially useful for vascular trophism including vitamin C and vitamin E. The treatment is in progress.

I had previously had some evidence of the usefulness of this approach in vascular problems, but in these cases the impairment of blood flow was decidedly less severe than A.G.’s extreme one.

As far as the lower limb and foot lesions are concerned, the results obtained so far and the times they were achieved are documented by the photos taken during the treatment – the author of the photos was the nurse who follows the patient at home for medications – but A.G.’s improvement was manifested in broader terms, with the disappearance of pain, insomnia and the recovery of general health conditions.

This leads to only one possible conclusion: in A.G., at least so far, there has been an improvement of blood flow to the areas where the lesions are located, an improvement which, in turn, can only find its cause in the improved condition – at least functional if not also anatomical – of the vascular tree.

A.G.’s case is under observation; more photos and information on the patient’s clinical state will be provided over the next two months.

Dott. Mauro Todisco

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Right calf

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